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Constituted on 30 May 1998
Revised on 9 November 2002
Revised on 15 November 2003

1. Name of organization
1. Name of organization
This alumni association of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine is hereinafter called "South Kensington Kai" (SKK).

2. Membership
SKK has two categories of membership as follows:

2.1 Regular Membership
SKK can accept requests for Regular Membership from those who were enrolled at Imperial College as students, researchers, or staff.

2.2 Supporting Membership
SKK can accept requests for (its) Supporting Membership from those who have been accepted for enrollment at Imperial College as students, researchers, or staff, and those who are able to contribute to accomplishing the objectives outlined in Section 3 below.

3. Objectives of SKK
It is intended that SKK will promote friendship amongst its Members and strengthen relationships with the College. SKK activities are restricted to non-commercial purposes only.

4. Activities
SKK will carry out following activities in order to implement the objectives outlined in Section 3 above:

4.1 Holding of an annual general meeting
4.2 Holding of friendship gatherings
4.3 Update of its membership database
4.4 Other activities deemed to be necessary to achieve SKK's objectives

5. Annual General meeting
SKK will hold an Annual General Meeting in order to make decisions on matters of importance. The Annual General Meeting is convened by the president of SKK. Matters will be considered approved if more than half of the members attending the Annual General Meeting are in agreement.

6. Board members
SKK will have one President, Deputy Presidents, and Secretaries, as considered necessary. The President and Deputy Presidents will be nominated at the General Meeting and considered appointed when nominations are approved by more than half of the members attending the General Meeting. Secretaries will be nominated by the President.

7. Duties of the Board members
The President will represent SKK and act as the Chairman of the Board. The Deputy Presidents will assist the President and will carry out presidential duties if and when required. Secretaries will carry out duties relating to the SKK's business.

8. Terms of Board Members
This is from the date of the Annual General Meeting at which they are first elected until the date of the 3rd subsequent Annual General Meeting. Terms are renewable.

9. Board Meeting
The Board can call a meeting, which shall be approved by the President, and will discuss the following issues:

9.1 Activities outlined in Section 4 above.
9.2 Issues pending from the General Meeting
9.3 Finance
9.4 Approval of acceptance of new Members
9.5 Other issues deemed to be necessary

10. Membership Fee
Members shall pay a Membership Fee to cover operational costs. The fee shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

11. Finance
The President will report on the finance of SKK activities at each Annual General Meeting and must seek approval by the Annual General Meeting.

12. Modification to Articles
This can be proposed and accepted at an Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting held on 30 May 1999 adopted a resolution that the Membership Fee shall be waived for the time being, on the grounds that the cost of activities such as printing of the List of Members shall be covered by the beneficiaries.

History of revision
15 November 2003
Allsentences are brushed up in terms of English expression.
9 November 2002
Section 2, Section 5 and Section 6 were revised to introduce the Supporting Membership category, which was approved at the Annual General Meeting 2002.

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