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South Kensington Kai is a group of alumni of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. The members of SKK are mostly Japanese people who are former students, graduate research students, post-doctoral researchers or teachers at Imperial College. SKK started its activities in 1981 when the group called itself IC Kai, and renamed itself South Kensington Kai in 1982. Approximately 400 people are currently registered as members of SKK. The register includes people working and residing all over Japan.

The objectives of SKK are:
-to promote friendship and improve contacts between members
-to increase and improve contacts and exchanges between alumni and the College

All activities are pursued on a not-for-profit basis.

A combined annual meeting and reunion is held on a regular basis. All reunions to date have been held in Tokyo. Other meetings are occasionally held, for example, for lectures by staff from Imperial College when they visit Japan.
Other activities include periodically updating the list of members, and maintaining this internet site and mailing list for members.

SKK is presently organized by the following members:
President : Dr. Toru Sato
Vice Presidents : Mr. Junya Inoue,
Dr. Shohji Tsushima,
Ms. Junko Owada
Secretaries : Dr. Stuat McCallum
Dr. Michikazu Sekine
Dr. Kazuki Shibanuma
Mr. Itsuma Tanaka
Ms. Hanako Tsuyusaki

Message from President

Professor Toru SATO (Tokyo University)

Welcome to the website of the South Kensington Kai, which is a group of alumni of Imperial College, London (ICL).

My name is Toru SATO, President of the SKK.

I was appointed as President at the AGM in 2019. Three vice presidents were also elected at the AGM: Ms. Junko Owada, Mr. Junya Inoue, and Prof. Shoji Tsushima. Our new organizing team consists of the president, three vice presidents and a few more committee members, and will try hard to make the SKK more attractive and enjoyable.

As was approved in the AGM in 2018, the SKK was appointed as an official alumni association of ICL in Japan. Accordingly, the official name of this association has become "Imperial College Alumni Association, JapaniICAAJ". However, since we had been very familiar with the name of the South Kensington Kai for long, we decided to keep this name as a common name. Please use the SKK as before, except in official situations.

The main event of the SKK is the Annual General Meeting, lectures, and a party which is usually held every autumn. The AGM and Party is not only for SKK members but also for people who are going to study or conduct research at Imperial College, which is a really enjoyable event. As the ICAAJ, we also organise an event that fits current affairs, stimulates your intellectual curiosity, and deepens our fellowship in early summer in accordance with the Alumni Weekend of ICL. Please join us both in the seasons. The details of the AGM and the summer event for this year will be announced on this website when the dates and the venues are determined.

Although Imperial College withdrew from the University of London in 2007, the SKK remains a member of the University of London Alumni Association in Japan (ULAAJ). Therefore, the SKK holds events such as a monthly Drop-in Party and an annual joint party for alumni of the University of London with other alumni associations. When you are contacted by the ULAAJ, please consider active participation to their events, too.

The members of SKK are mostly Japanese people who spent some time at ICL as regular students, research students, post-doctoral researchers, teachers or other types of employment, but the alumni of Imperial College from other countries who reside in Japan can be members. If you or your friend is eligible for the SKK but are not a member yet, please apply for the membership from this page. If you know anyone who is eligible but is not a member yet, please let them know about the SKK. Moreover, those who are considering studying at ICL are most me to attend the above-mentioned events. Please contact the address stated in this website.

I hope you enjoy this SKK website.

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