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Imperial College London, formerly an independent constituent part of the University of London, was founded in 1907. Situated in heart of South Kensington.

The aims of Imperial College London are:

- To remain among the leading institutions of the world for research, teaching and education in science, engineering and medicine.
- To attract the most able students world wide and to educate them in a way that fosters technical excellence, originality and breath of vision.
- To provide an environment within which both original research of all kinds and its application to useful purposes flourish.
- To communicate to the widest possible community the significance and intellectual excitement of scientific fields in general and the College work in particular.

Famous names associated with the College include:

- T H Huxley, one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century;
- the author H G Wells;
- Sir Alexander Fleming and Sir Ernst Chain, discoverers of penicillin (jointly awarded the Nobel Prize);
- W E Dalby, internationally renowned railway engineer;
- W H Perkin, inventor (at the age of 18) of the first aniline dye, mauveine;
- Patrick Blackett, physicist and Nobel Laureate;
- Denis Gabor, inventor of holography and Nobel Laureate;
- Lord Penney, mathematician, atomic scientist and former Rector of the College.

The College, as well as having the highest income of any UK university institution also has the largest research income at 117 million. It is consistently recognised as one of theta three UK university institutions for research quality. With these high activities, IC research base is broadening still further, with disciplines aiming to address 21st century problems in such areas as the environment, agriculture, materials, specialist chemistries and biomedicine. Imperial College, and some of its departments also have been ranked in the following media league tables.

Times Higher Education's 2013-2014 World University Rankings Rank 10 Oct. 2012
QS World University Rankings 2013 Rank 5 Oct. 2012

For student's life, Imperial College Union (ICU) is the students' union and focus of student life at the College. When you register as a student, you automatically become a member of ICU, free of charge. It is home to over 201 clubs and societies - everything from football to finance to fell-walking; drama, debate and dance. Joining a club is a great way to meet people and relax from the pressures of work for all students.

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