PinActivities of South Kensington Kai

The main activities of SKK are;

  1. holding a general meeting and a social gathering once a year
  2. operating the SKK web-site and SKK mailing list, and
  3. maintaining the SKK membership list.

The general meeting and a social gathering after the meeting are held every autumn. This party is a good chance for the members of SKK to meet each other. Non-SKK members may also apply to attend the party, at which they can get information about life at IC .

Recently, the Alumni Association of London University has held a social gathering in Tokyo every summer. Many SKK members attend this party and promote friendship with the alumni associations of other colleges.

On the SKK web-site a "message board" for members is set up. This should help to promote friendships and exchange of news with other SKK members.

An announcement of the general meeting and other events will be sent to the addresses ( or e-mail addresses ) written in the list of members.

SKK can revise the membership list at any time. When you move to a new address or any changes in the SKK member list, please inform the secretary of SKK through the this page or by e-mail.

PinRecent activities and news

The SKK Annual General Meeting and the Party 2013
TheSKK AGM and Party 2013 was held on 23rd November 2013.

The 17th Lodon Daigaku Kai Party
The 17th LDK Party was held on Thursday, 27 June 2013.

Facebook page
Facebook page launched on 4 Jan. 2012.

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