PinActivities of South Kensington Kai in 2007
The SKK Annual General Meeting(AGM) and the Party 2007
The SKK AGM and the Party 2007 was held on Saturday, 17 November 2007.
The 11th London Daigaku Kai (LDK: London Alumni) Party
The 11th London Daigaku Kai (London Alumni) party was held by the invitation of the Minister of the British Embassy in Tokyo on Wednesday, 27 June 2007. 18 SKK members joined the party, which was the largest group among the alumni groups of University of London..
Centenary Presentation and Dinner in Shinjuku Saturday 2 June 2007
Professor Nelson Philips, the Head of the Organisation and Management Group at Tanaka Business School and Imperial Ambassador made two presentations, commencing with a general update on recent College news, followed by another one of his research on, "Success Factors of Digital Consumer Products". The event was successful as the presentations attracted all the attendee and everybody enjoyed the dinner conversations.

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