sThe 7th London Daigaku Kai (London Alumni) Party

The 7th London Alumni party was held by the invitation by the Minister of the British Embassy in Tokyo on 11 July 2003 at his residence. 18 SKK members joined the party, which is the largest group among the alumni groups of University of London. Since the London Daigaku Kai party is a join party of alumni associations of colleges of University of London, background of attendees varies very widely including medicine, engineering, finance, art, literature, etc. The party is a good opportunity to talk with such a variety of people.

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Mr. Stuart Jack,
host of the party
Thank you indeed
for his invitation.

by Mr. Brian Ferrar,
First Secretary,
British Embassy
Mr. Brian Ferrar and
Mr. Peter Bainbridge,
Innovation UK Manager
Introduction of the SKK
by Professor Tanaka,
President of the SKK
(*) (*) (*) (*)
(*) (*) (*) (*)
They are going to the University of London this summer.
There was no one who is going to the Imperial College this year.
(*) (*) (*)

(*)Borrowed from the London Daigaku Kai with permission

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