PinActivities of South Kensington Kai in 2001

Christmas Message to Presidents of IC Alumni Associations in the World 2001
Dr. Tanaka, President of the SKK, sent a Christmas message to presidents of Imperial College Alumni Associations in the world to which SKK website has links. SKK members can see the messages from IC alumni associations in the world on the Members' only page.

Annual General Meeting and Party 2001
The Annual Meeting and Party 2001 was held at the Yoyogi Club of Nippon Steel Company in Yoyogi, Tokyo on 10 November 2001.

The 5th London Alumni Party
The 5th London Alumni Party was held at the Ambassador's Residence of British Embassy in Tokyo on 6 July 2001. 26 SKK members joined the party, which is the largest group among the alumni groups of London University.

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