The 6th Imperial College International Alumni Forum and Weekend

The 6th Imperial College International Alumni Forum and Weekend was held in Canada. On behalf of the SKK, Dr. Tanaka, president of the SKK, sent greetings to Lord Oxburgh who will retire from the Rectorship.

May 12, 2000

Sir Ronald Oxburgh
Imperial College

Dear Sir Ronald,

I send you greetings on behalf of the South Kensington Kai (the IC Alumni Society of Japan), as you retire from the Rectorship.

We were honoured to welcome you and share pleasant memories with you when you visited us in Japan. Especially Mr. Tadashi Tsuji of the British Council in Tokyo remembers the wonderful outing in Kamakura.

We also remember the hospitality you extended to us when we visited you in London.

The SKK is proud to have more than 340 members as of November 1999, recruiting new members continuously, and we will make our best efforts to strengthen the good relationship between IC and Japan.

We thank you very much for your great contributions to Imperial College, hoping that you will be happy with your new projects.


Masato Tanaka
President of the SKK
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Synthesis
University of Tokyo

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